• Born in Rome, 1968
  • Graduated with degree in Art History
  • Attended Institute of Fine Arts and Art Restoration (L'Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro) in Rome
  • Expert in masterpiece's copies
  • Studied with Maestro Mario Roncaccia
  • Screenplayer for Studio Blu Production

An Art History graduate, she worked in the past as a restorer of paintings and is an expert in masterpiece's copies; at present she is working as a painter of her own original works.
She learned to paint by copying the great masters, absorbing their technique and style: from the tempera at egg on wood, technique of the Byzantine's icons, to the oil-masterpieces of the Renaissance, up to the richly cromatic modern works of the 1900's.
She has made a treasure of all these experiences to arrive at an authentic, rich Klimt-like expression, full of precious details, intense cromatism, sensual traces of ancient oriental landscapes and audacious feminine evocations born of dreams, mythology and history.The paintings are further enhanced with details in gold leaf, silver leaf, mosaics and imbedded precious stones.